Transport from Budapest Airport to Heviz - 199,-EUR / taxi cab - private car transfer with English speaking driver

Heviz Transfer - general iformations - faq

Airport Pickup, Airport Transfer Service, Shared transfers, How to pay? How to meet the transfer at the airport?

    Some important information and answer to your occurent questions concerning our transfer service!

  • - Airport Pickup and Airport Transfer Service: - one-way transport from airport to choosen destination or from point of departure to airport. Our company only takes individual transports in the following vehicle categories: taxi (4 persons), minibus-taxi (8 persons), minibus (18 persons) and bus (49 persons). We always ensure you the vehicle that conforms to the number of passangers.

  • - Shared (collective) transfers: - we do not operate shared transfers. In case of this type of transport the traveller people don’t know each other. The arrival and departing times are often different, so the passengers might need to wait for a long, many times the car needs to take circuit way to pick up someone in an other place. The travel might become inconvenient, the luggages might be lost.

  • - Private car transfer: - is a special service offering transfers with drivers specialized in the door-to-door transport of passengers between cities, airports and hotels or private addresses. You don't have to pay anything before arriving, you will pay the total transfer amount directly to the driver in cash.

  • - Wich airports? - We offer trasfers from / to Heviz to the following airports: Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, Vienna Schwechat Airport, Bratislava (M. R. Štefánik Airport), Graz Airport

  • - Airport transfer rates: - we offer you airport transfer on fixed price even if you want to take individual transport. If you cannot find your destination in our tabeling, please send your price inquiry by e-mail! We always send our quote for the proper car category based on the number of travelling persons, and not depending on the age and on the fullness of the car. The listed prices are not concrete offers, they are only target prices. When you have a request for a special transfer we give you our price offer that may differ from the listed rates. The prices of airport transfers in every categories includes all costs and taxes. If your plain has a delay our driver will wait 1 hour without extra fee. (If we are not informed previously about the delay, the awaiting needs to be paid after the first hour.)

  • - Available vehicle categories for airport transfer: - taxi (4 persons), minivan (8 persons), minibus (18 persons), bus (49 persons). Our cars are in accordance with the latest technical, safety and aestethic requirements of the market and equipped with air condition and navigation system as well.

  • - Our drivers: - all are experienced, adept in their profession. Many of them speak foreign language very well, and all of them are able to communicate on different languages (english, german, russian, italian, etc.). Our colleques are continously informed about the traffic jams on the roads, so the drivers can choose always the better directions to reach passanger’s destionation in the fastest way.

  • - How will you find your transfer in the airport? - Our drivers always wait for the passangers in the terminal’s meeting point with a A4 format plate with the passanger’s name on it. In case you do not find your transfer at the given place, please call the following number for help, that can be called in english, in 24 hours a day! ***** Heviz Transfer Service hotline in english: +36 30 237 6000 *****

  • - In case your lagguage has lost in the airport or didn’t arrived with your plane: - please inform our colleque on the phone number above, that you arrived. (administration of lost lagguage can take 1-1,5 houres.) If the driver is not informed, he might suppose that you did not arrive and he might leave the airport.

  • - How to pay? - The price of the transfer must be paid in cash money directly to the driver (our contracted partners have the possibility of payment by bank transfer). You may pay in HUF or EUR as well. The driver gives you the invoice of the service.

Payment by card: In case of pre booking you can pay with creditcard (+3% extra charge). The POS terminal available only in a pre booked taxi cab or minivan

Payment by card: In case of pre booking you can pay with creditcard (+3% extra charge). The POS terminal available only in a pre booked taxi cab or minivan